Capstone Presentations commits itself to the satisfaction of its clients.  This is why our services are completely guaranteed.  We are very honored by the testimonials that we have so far received from the people we help.  Here is what some people had to say about Capstone's services.

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Stockamp & Associates  Revenue-Cycle Reengineering;  Portland, Oregon

    "A consulting business depends on the ability of its employees to communicate well, whether the communication is interpersonal or to a group. Capstone focuses on making more effective presentations and enables employees to be more articulate in any situation. Capstone is the first speaking firm I've met to devote so much emphasis on language choice, and audience tailoring. Scott emphasizes content and delivery equally, and develops a broad base of employee skill."

Ken Jones, Senior Manager of Training, Education, and Development

HealthEast Care System;  St. Paul, Minnesota

    "...the benefits derived from our participation in the Capstone Program were very valuable to us. HealthEast highly recommends this program for others seeking this same kind of development program for their young and upcoming managers."

Robert D. Gill, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    "As a busy professional, this workshop gave me just what I needed in the minimum amount of time. We had two full days of very concise material. We covered structure and content, as well as word-smithing, connotation, and ad lib scenarios. Scott's presentation techniques helped me add the depth, color and flavor my presentations were lacking.

    "Scott sets his expectations high, uses gentle, insightful guidance, and walks you through lots of practical application. The techniques taught in this workshop will prepare even the most inexperienced speakers for those unexpected, last-minute speaking assignments."

Sheila Bonine, Eden Project Coordinator, HealthEast Senior Care

    "Scott Fenstermaker's enthusiasm and his skills as a public communicator give him great presence, and also the ability to grab the audience's interest and hold attention easily. His enthusiasm for the powers of skilled speaking is inspiring. I actually got excited about speaking through the course. Not an easy thing to have occur to an introvert!"

Brenda Beukelman, HealthEast Marketing and Communications

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