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Whether training a company manager or a new supervisor to give a PowerPoint presentation, or instructing a seminar on Q & A techniques, Capstone utilizes a simple, highly effective method to accomplish distinct speaking performance goals. Capstone's pyramidal style of goal setting is used today by many of the finest teachers and coaches across the United States, and produces sustainable results.

As today's businesses rely less on management hierarchy than ever before, an increasingly youthful workforce will deliver important presentations and speeches. Capstone communication techniques are designed to commence early on in one's career, and be sustained, developed, and improved throughout one's lifetime.

The key to Capstone communication technique is versatility.  Engineers and technical managers will find it just as useful for technical presentations as account executives will for salesmanship. Capstone performance techniques create a solid foundation of flexible skills, and public speakers may use them when preparing any type of presentation.

Capstone techniques represent the culmination of extensive research, diverse speaking experience, and refinement through practice. Our customized instruction allows us to tailor our product to one's individual style. We incorporate the speaker's own personality, humor, and dynamic level into the presentation so that we may transform it into a synergistic entity. In its field, Capstone speaking technique is cutting-edge, and second-to-none.

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"We incorporate the speaker's own personality, humor, and dynamic level into the presentation..."

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